Making room for love…

Two months have passed since my previous blog entry and it is, indeed, time for me to share my updates.  I’ve since moved to Santa Cruz, CA and started my new position as a preschool special education teacher serving children with autism, Down’s Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and speech delays.  I have been feeling more settled into my new oceanside community and feel proud that I went surfing three days in a row, last week.  After three saltwater soaked days, I attended two evening sittings of meditation at Insight Santa Cruz.  Good medicine abounds here!

To stoke the flames of my typing fingers, I meandered to Jamie Ridler’s Wednesday Wishcasting where she asks:

What do you wish to make room for?

Down the road, I’d like to make room for my bike and surfboard which reside in my living room and kitchen.  Storing my multiple suitcases and backpacks in a back closet or garage would be my preference than having them tucked in the old Murphy Bed nook beside my redwood plank bookshelf.  These do not pester me every day.  They are simply organizational steps I know I will eventually take.

For the past 2 1/2 years, I have been mostly single.  By single, I mean that no serious love relationships or partnerships have been a part of my existence.  This has been the longest period of “single” time in my life.  Sure, I’ve had dates and some dating stints.  Nothing has yet to stick.

Much of this time has been a personal evolution of self-love, fostering my Wholeness, and discerning between potential matches (Mr. Next’s, Mr. Could-be Right’s, Mr. Slow-n-Steady’s) versus non-matches (Mr. Wrong’s, Mr. Fabulous’s and a of couple Don Juan’s, literally).  My dear friendship with my kindred soul brother, Nels, has helped inform me what true friendship feels like:  whole, unconditional, supportive, loving, and full of laughter.

Making room for love and a life-long partnership is what I feel most open to in my life.  I know that my teaching career will continue to flourish in partnership with me creating a business to support teachers and families.  I know that my surfing skills will strengthen with my regular access to beautiful Mama Ocean.

I wish to make room for my life-long husband and partner to enter into my fun, holistic, spiritual, and nature-loving life.  I wish to make room for feeling even more alive and bodacious in companionship with him.  I wish to make room for ecstatic energy exchanges, adventures to almost anywhere, and the cultivation of a deep, authentic, raw and honest friendship.  I wish to make room for his and my love, friendship, laughter, and co-created family.  I wish to make room for all of this–in the best interest and highest good of all involved.

Bit by bit, I know he is coming closer because the men I’ve met recently have more and more of the priority qualities that are on my divine husband list.  Honestly, I feel him heading in my direction.  I sense it with my intuition’s energetic vibrations and how my Wholeness and gut sense of ready-ness nod “Yes!”.


10 thoughts on “Making room for love…

  1. Aloha Lisa!

    The life you’re creating for yourself in Santa Cruz sounds delightful and love-filled. I applaud and admire you for being a preschool teacher to special needs children. My nephew has many behavioral/social challenges and I am grateful to all those who help kids and their families learn and grow.

    It sounds like you’re surfing the literal waves of the Pacific and the figurative ones of the heart. These are both exciting adventures I imagine. Perhaps one day the ocean will call me to explore her rhythms on a surfboard. For now, I am blissfully content to dance along her shores and swim in her warm waters.

    I’d love to reconnect with you and…I’m going to sign off from Facebook this weekend. I’m taking an information sabbatical until 2013 so I can dive deep into my writing book. Send me an email or give me a ring 808-268-4356. There’s someone in Santa Cruz I’d like you to meet! 🙂


    • Hello Lisa,
      Your note is just the uplifting surprise I knew I needed this morning. The Santa Cruz sun has been shining yet I’ve been having a few days of gray clouds inside my mental spaces. Yes, life in Santa Cruz feels overall uplifting. My work is helping children, families and my staff.

      Thank you for your Beach Dance inspiration. I spent a morning dancing beside the beach listening to my favorite David Guetta songs and feeling grateful for having been introduced to the concept by your sweet, wonderful self!

      Blessings as you take your info sabbatical to focus on your book. I feel inspired to hear you say that! Yes, let’s reconnect soon! Are you still doing life coaching work?

      Love and gratitude,

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