Sea moving as silk…

The blue geometry of undulating waves has become a mainstay in my mind’s eye.  The natural shapes remind me of the diamond knit work of a fisherman’s net. As this fascinating watery organism quietly creeps toward land, myself and the ocean’s other devotees wait patiently.

As I spend more time in the ocean seated in a straddle on my surfboard, I receive the gift of being gently bobbed as I breathe in the fresh, clean marine air.  Otters twittering, breathing and crunching on their dinners, alongside surf line-up conversation and an occasional “wa-hoo” of a happy surfer, mix with the soothing crash of the waves crossing the finish line.

Inner peace and physical calm feel easier to attain when I am suited up in my 5/4 wetsuit and have been baptized over and over again in the sea.  Some many most surf sessions are more about paddling than catching and riding waves.  Other days, the sets come rolling in and I move back and forth paddling to catch waves and paddling back out to the line-up to wait for another.

Surfing and sitting in meditation behold similar wellness properties for me.  Being in the water helps me create physical calm because I am able to release the active energy in my muscles and the holistic organism of my body.  Sitting in meditation, helps settle the active energy of my brain and fosters restfulness and awareness.

Both require presence, breath observation and mindfulness.  In the ocean, I need to be mindful of all that is around me to so that I can strive for safety and fun on the waves.  While seated in meditation, I strive to fine-tune my focus on my breath and the motion of inner energy and emotion.

As I continue both practices, I feel grateful for how I make space for myself to float along and open more broadly to self-acceptance and the present moment.

Just like the vast horizon on the sea and the vast possibilities of the mind.



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