Starting the year off with wellness…

Having passed from 2012 into 2013 feels surreal.  That we have not been in the 1900’s for the past decade plus seems strange.  Most of my life was 19_ _ and that made sense for some reason.  Thankfully, the thoughts about the end of 2012 being the end of the world, were simply ideas that have not come to fruition.

This New Year’s, I considered attending a couple of community events including two different meditation evenings and a peace vigil.  Each had schedules that pushed activities up to or past midnight.  Any more, I’d rather go to bed early, miss some “excitement” and have my energy and wellness to enjoy the following day.

IMG_9339On December 31, 2012, I chose to stay home with Jennie Cat, cook root veggies, listen to classical music and create altars and a vision board.  I enjoyed positioning candles with sacred partnership in mind as I encircled my intention for love and relationship with steadfast stones and crystals.

After feeling satisfied with my assemblage, Ms. Jennie Cat admired my work.  I sat with my creation in prayer and intention putting loving-kindness wishes out to all Beings.  My palms felt warm as I touched the floor and sent positive energy into Mama Earth.jen gazes on...I worked on a wellness collage whose main theme came forward to be Nourishment as I explained my creative process in a New Year’s card to a friend.  Nourishment in the form of healthy, wholesome food is an aspect of what interests me presently.  Meditation and studying the Dharma also holds a dear place within my heart.

An essential aspect of how I wish to grow and expand in 2013 is to truly and wholly integrate my spirituality with my sexuality.  While I have long experienced myself to be an empowered and strong woman, I have been noticing the places within that are calling out for greater self-acceptance, love and embrace-ment.  I feel grateful that Santa Cruz offers just the community support and teaching that I am seeking in my aspiration to fully embrace all aspects of myself as a woman in the world.

vision board 2013As I journey across the precipice to more wholly trusting myself: my intuition, my judgment, and my choices, I gain a more grounded sense of my Self as my personal foundation and rock.  Continuing my meditation practice and Dharma studies is helping me experience more of a sense of witnessing my feelings and thoughts instead of identifying with them in ways that proved to be painful.  I have been experiencing moments of feeling proud of my maturity, growth and actions as I navigate relationships in my workplace and community.  IMG_2408At times, I giggle about my maturity and strengthened skillfulness in communicating, connecting with others and taking radical care of myself, having taken only 38 years.  This beholds a sense of satisfaction for me.  I look at past years and can recognize how I tripped, stumbled and fell over and over again.  I also see how I have more learning, fine-tuning and skillfulness to achieve as I involve myself in my community, stand brave in my connections, and deepen my unshakable sense of Wholeness and self-love in a holistic, human way.And for now, I feel more at ease with mySelf than I have for a long while.  I feel calm in my work.  I feel happy about taking my business project and ideas at an easeful pace.  I feel grateful for my family and their support.  I feel warmed with the friendships and love in my life.  I feel appreciation for growing my sense of will-power, self-dedication and discipline in healing myself Whole.

Wow!  I look forward to my unfolding and growing as these life pieces mirror the majestic nature of the redwood trees, standing tall and steadfast while reaching far and wide with their creative branches.

Lisa’s book recommendations:
Against the Stream by Noah Levine
Daring to Trust by David Richo
Waking Up Together by Ellen and Charles Birx
Props to Jamie Ridler Studios and her amazing Wishcasting Wednesday prompts!  This week’s was “What do you wish to try?”

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