Spring’s Joyful Song

As wildflowers sway to the music of the wind and trees begin to say ‘hello’ with their fresh green buds, spring begins to celebrate the end of winter and a healthy bout of hibernation and rest.  This past winter has been a time for me of focusing on health, wellness and hibernation.  I love that I allow myself time for ideas to percolate and bubble up to the surface.  I’m simply allowing the seeds planted deeply within me have the time they need to be cozy and nourished by the fertile soil of my heart and blossom when the sun and spring breezes beckon them forth.

Happy Home Family Coaching is beginning to take shape with a website and Facebook page.  My community connections are growing and thriving as I organize gatherings for Santa Cruz Radical Wellness and All for Fun & Fun for All:  Santa Cruz Family Outings.  I love meeting new folks whose mission is personal wellness, as well as connecting families together for their own wellness and joy.

When I consider the purpose of my life and of humanity, fostering the joy, happiness and loving feeling for others seems to be the avenues that make the most sense.  Wendy Collier of Wendy Collier Worldwide recently asked, “If you were given one sign to hold up to the world, what would it say?”.  What a profound question!  I sat with this question to see what my heart had to say.  My answer was this:  “Love Your Family” and “Love Each Other Well.”

This is a season that has my heart feeling fulfilled with love, family and friendships.  I have been living in Santa Cruz for eight months and I keep on with manifesting the good things I desire.  I feel thankful for new women friends.  I feel thankful for my satisfying position working with preschoolers with special needs.  I appreciate the women’s business community (Thank you, Susan Liddy!) with whom I have connected to put my life mission and creative ideas into action.

Redwoods self-portrait

And all of this has come from practicing self-love, self-acceptance and allowing myself the space I’ve needed to explore, grow and thrive.  I love that I am being the woman that I have dreamed of becoming.